Air New Zealand brings ‘sexy’ back with safety video


Who knew that a safety video could be so incredibly fascinating! That is, if you’re glaring at the cut-off jeans and string bikinis being strutted about by supermodels. 

Air New Zealand (ANZ) has teamed with Sports Illustrated in what ANZ describes as “the world’s most beautiful safety video”.

Supermodels Ariel Meredith, Hannah DavisChristie Brinkley, Chrissy Teigen and Aussie Jessica Gomes have all contributed their most lean assets (their bodies), to promote trips to Rarotonga. Oh, and somewhere buried within the video are safety messages.

The video’s back drop is situated in beautiful Cook Island and features plenty of island life, dancers and scenic island beauty.

MJ Day, Sports Illustrated’s Editor said the safety video would be shown in their exclusive anniversary edition.

Air New Zealand has built a reputation on creating enjoyable, celebrity-filled videos. Betty White, Bear Grylls and Richard Simmons have all been featured in previous Air New Zealand videos.

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