Romantic gestures turn violent – woman arrested over flirting


Warning: The video above contains graphic language.

Embarrassed, hand-cuffed and arrested – that’s what a woman on a Delta flight was subjected to this past weekend after romantic advances toward a passenger were met with dismay.

According to reports from the Salt Lake City Tribune, a woman on a Delta flight from Baltimore-Washington International Airport to Salt Lake City, was so inebriated, she was clueless at the fact, her sexual gestures toward another flyer was unwanted and perceived as bad-mannered.

Patrick Hogan, a representative for the airport said, once the drunken woman was made aware of her bad behavior, she became enraged, irrational and began shouting. The intoxicated passenger was finally subdued, hand-cuffed and removed from the plane by police. She was taken from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, to a medical facility. The woman may face federal charges.

Unfortunately, due to the rowdy raucous, the flight was 1 ½ hours late flying into Salt Lake City.

Delta Airlines has yet to release an official statement on the incident.

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