Crikey! A colossal crocodile lurks in Broome waters


croc 1

An enormous crocodile measuring 4 metres prowled the waters of Cable Beach in Broome, before disappearing into the depths.

The massive croc stalked the beach on Saturday (February 22, 2014) but had disappeared by Sunday.

Sharon Scoble from Broome was able to snap these astonishing pictures of the creature, who said:  “He was a big boy — his head was huge.’’

croc 3

Dave Woods, a Parks and Wildlife official, advised that the crocodile is most likely the same croc which was discovered in Broome this past December, measuring around 3.5 to 4 metres in length. Mr. Woods also advised that once captured, the large reptile would be relocated to the Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Park, in close proximity to Broome.

croc 2

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