What the! Is that a lion in the backseat?



No double-takes needed here.  A number of freeway goers spotted a lion relaxing in the backseat of a car on the Sheikh Zayed freeway. The king of the jungle appeared to be wandering about freely without any restraints.

One driver filmed the bizarre scene and posted it to YouTube. The videographer wrote: “My sister was driving behind this truck in Dubai when she noticed something odd in the back.”

Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, Operations Assistant for the Dubai Police said it wasn’t necessarily illegal to transport an animal, wild or not, within a citizen’s personal vehicle however, proper care must be taken.

“It’s not logical for a person to transfer a lion or crocodile inside a car. If someone did such a thing and he is arrested, he will be fined for endangering the lives of others,” Mr. Zafeen said.
“People must be more careful and mature in transferring animals and should use a special company to carry their animals,” Mr. Zafeen continued.

It’s considered ‘normal’ for citizens in Dubai to own big game such as lions. It displays their power and wealth within their community.


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