Frantic calls are made to loved ones aboard missing flight MH370


Malaysian Airlines

Worried and distressed family members and friends have attempted to reach out to missing travellers aboard Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 via cell phones. Some who made calls insist some of the passenger’s phone rang but then the calls were cut off.

Other family members say their loved ones on the flight are using a Chinese instant messaging service which still shows their status as ‘on-line.’

Also, Commercial Director Hugh Dunleavy of Malaysian Airlines said they also attempted to contract crew members on their cell phones but again, phones rang and then were suddenly disconnected.

In addition, there have been reports that these cell phones of passengers and crew members which are currently still active and responsive are nothing more than a ruse.

The Boeing 777, transporting 239 people, vanished into thin air with not as much of an hour gone by after departing from Kuala Lumpur heading to Beijing on Sunday.

Family and friends of the passengers are beyond frustrated because they believe Malaysian Airlines has not been forthcoming with information regarding the investigation. In fact, they are wondering why authorities are not utilizing the passenger’s cell phones which may contain GPS tracking devices and could be used to lead them to the location of the aircraft.

Over 100 relations have signed a petition insisting the Chinese government get involved in the search. The outrage has taken affect as Chinese diplomats have since flown to Malaysia to assist with the investigation.

Chinese officials arrive in Malaysia to assist the investigation

Chinese officials arrive in Malaysia to assist the investigation

A group named the Chinese Martyrs’ Brigade have come forth to own accountability for the vanishing of flight MH370 but executives representing the Chinese and Malaysian governments are reluctant to hold the claim as factual but more a hoax.

Officials say there’s a possibility that flight MH370 could have exploded owing to mechanical or structural failure however, investigators have not disqualified acts of terrorism.

Fingerprints and photos of two men who boarded the doomed Malaysia Airlines passenger jet are being sent to U.S. authorities so they can be compared against records of known terrorists and criminals.

Photos and fingerprints of two men who used stolen passports to board the tragic Malaysia Airlines flight have been forwarded to U-S authorities so they can compare the suspect’s images and fingerprints against known criminals and terrorists.

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