Are Australians racist?


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A new report has shed some light on how unfriendly Australians can be toward people of color.

Between years 2000 – 2010, a high percentage of immigrants who have migrated to Australia have encountered some sort of racist behavior from Aussies, this according to the Mapping Social Cohesion report, written by Professor Andrew Markus of Monash University’s Scanlon Foundation.

The report which is supported by the Federal Government, said most immigrants gave high marks for their way of living in Australia however, as to its people, 1/3 of new settlers said they had been discriminated against based on their skin complexion and other ethnic characteristics such as religion.

In fact 41% of immigrants who had moved to the land ‘down under’ in 2013 said they dreaded going out at night for fear of falling victim to assaults or law-breaking misconduct.  And, only 3% of immigrants felt they had gracious and welcoming Aussie neighbors.

The Mapping Social Cohesion report also revealed, 31 % of immigrants said Australians cannot be trusted while 51% said “you can’t be too careful”.

You would have thought Aussies would have fared better among New Zealanders – nope. A mere 1% said Australians were pleasant; 39% were concerned over becoming prey to a crime; and 18% said they had experienced discrimination and.


The recent data collected by Mr. Markus is in stark contrast to a related study conducted 15 years prior where Australians were rated much higher in the ‘appealing’ and ‘friendly’ department.

Speaking to 3AW radio, Professor Markus said the majority of immigrants that would most likely be affected by racism are non-English speaking individuals.

“It’s particularly people from Asia, India, China – a range of countries from Asia where there is high levels of reported discrimination,” Professor Markus said.

In other statistical areas, 9% of immigrants are partial to the weather; 18% enjoy the cost of living; and 24% of immigrants take pleasure in the Australian lifestyle.

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