Customers outraged over change in Qantas’ frequent flyer program


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Qantas Airlines will no longer offer frequent flyer points based on the miles you’ve flown instead, offering points centered on where you fly. “Then why even call it ‘frequent flyer miles?’” many members have balked.

Qantas wants to point out that customers will receive more points on variable ticket fees and fewer points on lesser ticket fees.

Needless to say members are infuriated by the change expressing their outrage via Twitter.

Members of the Qantas ‘frequent flyer’ program received an email explaining the change.

“Effective for travel from July 1, 2014, the number of Qantas points and status credits you earn will change when you fly with Qantas and Jetstar Airlines… Put simply, these changes will mean that you’ll earn more Qantas points and status credits when you choose more flexible fares… At the same time, we’re reducing the Qantas points you’ll earn on our lower fares to reflect what you spend,” the email said in part.

The email also pointed out the change in ‘points’ policy would not affect an existing member’s points balance.

Just last month Qantas revealed, they would cut 5000 employees after the company posted a $252 million loss. However, a representative for the airline said that decision did not affect its standing on the new frequent flyer policy.

“We do make tweaks to the program from time to time, and these changes are just part of that,” the rep said.

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