They say you’ll have a killer of a time in Thailand – literally



Many Australians head to Thailand to take part in the Songkran festival, the Buddhist New Year gala which occurs April 11th thru the 17th but, not everyone makes it out alive.

Over the course of seven days this year, 248 people died and over 2,643 were injured on Thailand’s streets in fact, many refer to the festival as the “seven dangerous days.”

songkran (2)

Partygoers celebrate Songkran pelting revellers with water

The event, that is most known for its mischievous water fights has become so lethal, the nation’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department began observing all functions of the affair and its aftermath.

In the face of many movements profiling and advertising safety – speeding, driving drunk and overall reckless behavior remains the culprit of most deaths during the festival.

Songkran - driving

Driving the streets of Thailand can be deadly especially during Songkran

During this year’s Songkran festivities, around 50 people per day have died. To gage what’s happening in Thailand, on Australia’s roads last year, 1,193 deaths were reported which calculates to 3.2 deaths per day.

The World Health Organization reported in 2010, there were 38.1 deaths for each 100,000 individuals in Thailand – that number is following Dominican Republic in the Caribbean and the South Pacific island of Niue.

Thai workers bag bodies of people who were killed during the 2014 Songkran celebration

Thai workers bag bodies of people who were killed during the 2014 Songkran celebration

Shockingly, the death toll at Songkran is down 3.3% from this same time last year at the festival.

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