Flight attendants bring sexy back across social media

Emirates flight crew

Emirates flight crew

Alluring flight attendants have become a part of the selfie craze and have begun posting pictures of themselves in uniform on Instagram and other social media sites, this according to the New York Post.

In one picture, 5 stunning attendants representing Emirates Airlines were photographed with the caption:

“Best crew ever #galley #cabin crew #air hostess #flight attendant #emiratescrew #emiratescabincrew #crewlife #flight.”

Tagged with the caption: “#flywithme,” an unidentified stewardess is pictured standing in a locker room with inviting lips and sporting a pilot’s hat looking very astute and pleased to be advertising her trade.

Hostesses of the mile-high club believe these selfies help to maintain a certain balance and solidarity amongst their fellow flight attendants.

Rants of a Sassy Stew blogger Shawn Kathleen (who prefers not to disclose her last name) said: “Aviation is a very close-knit community. We get each other, because we’re living the same lifestyle.”

Kathleen has even begun going through the procedural motions of trade marking the idiom #crewlife. Moreover, Kathleen would like more hostesses to embrace the phrase and voice their concerns over misbehaving travellers using the hashtag #passengershaming.

An unidentified flight attendant posted this selfie with the caption, "Sometimes it happens..."

An unidentified flight attendant posted this selfie with the caption, “Sometimes it happens…”

However, Heather Poole, author of the New York Times bestseller Cruising Attitude, and with over 18 years experience as a flight attendant said she would never upload photos of herself especially in airline attire as there are very strict guidelines.

“When I go to my Instagram feed and see [flight attendants]posting pictures in uniforms, I can’t believe they do that,” Ms. Poole said.

“It’s a big deal. The airlines protect their image, everything is very strict. You could lose your job.” So,  if you’re looking for flight attendant selfies of Ms. Poole or Ms. Kathleen on the internet, you won’t find any.

By the way, Ms. Poole can be credited with creating the adage “laviators” (selfies of folks who take pictures of themselves in the lavatory of an aircraft.)

Selfies are the latest fad among flight attendants

Selfies are the latest fad among flight attendants

The women have a legitimate concern as Delta Airlines have prohibited their flight attendants from posing or posting pictures with famous people on the internet though; selfies are accepted – kind of.

Attendants are allowed to post selfies while in “uniform compliance” just so long as they are not engaged in any illegal activity, this according to a Delta member of staff.

The Delta employee pointed out key specifics based on the Delta handbook:

“Corporate Security can give you the specific guidelines as to what you can and can’t do in uniform. Our standards are, you can do it as long as you act in a professional image and portray the company in a professional manner.”

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