Hip-Hop’s Bliss N Eso heated over $1750 baggage fee

Hip-hop group Bliss N Eso  charged $1750 in excess baggage fees

Hip-hop group Bliss N Eso outraged over $1750 excess baggage fee from Virgin Australia

Bliss N Eso, a hip-hop group from Australia is hot over a $1,750 extra baggage charge for a trip with Virgin Australia (VA.)

While traveling from the Sunshine Coast to Melbourne on Sunday, was when the excess baggage fee was applied. The group took to Twitter to express their outrage by posting a picture of the receipt showing the fee.

VA responded with their own tweet.

Virgin Australia sent another tweet to the hip-hop group an hour later.

Virginia Australia said they cater to the music industry “through a dedicated service team and an increased complimentary baggage allowance” all through their local and national networks.

Though, a representative for VA said artists are responsible for notifying the airline in advance if they are interested in benefiting from the program.

“Groups are required to request the complimentary allowance at least two business days in advance to ensure we are able to accommodate this request within operational limitations,” the representative said.

Bliss N Eso responded via Twitter to VA’s first initial tweet.

“Our management has let us know that Virgin is in touch to get it sorted out.

“It’s a shame we had to take to social media to sort this out. Hopefully other customers get as quicker response as we did.”

Adam Jankie, the group’s manager said they’ve toured the country on a number of occasions especially these past few weeks and had never come across any issues.

“There was a disconnect between the music baggage allowance and what was showing on the system,” Mr. Jankie said.

Also, according to Mr. Jankie, the problem arose when VA refused to recognize Bliss N Eso as a musical group or band to waive the extra luggage fees which is why they were charged for 25 extra pieces of baggage which happened to be equipment.

“Sometimes things slip through the cracks … we do expect it but in most cases it’s something that will get dealt with on ground level at the airport when it’s fairly obvious that it’s equipment getting checked in. Especially when there are reasonably prominent local bands, generally those issues don’t come up,” Mr. Jankie said.


Additionally, Mr. Jankie said even though he gave proper notice to VA of their traveling schedule, they were still denied.

“I explained to Virgin that when we’re sending these through they’re not getting sent as a single flight at a time, it’s getting sent through in bulk load. So we completely understand that there may be system error or human error in entering those,” he said.

Bliss N Eso said Virgin Australia had been in touch and are attempting to work out minimizing those extra baggage fees.

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