Would you use a gadget like ‘knee defender’ to protect against pesky passengers?


Knee Defender 2

Hell hath no fury like a cramped-seated passenger scorned! More and more travellers continue to complain about other passengers reclining their seat so far back, it’s unbearable for the traveller seated behind them.

Could the “Knee Defender” be the answer? This tricky little tool clamps onto the seat in front so that it cannot recline.

The Knee Defender

The Knee Defender

A passenger sparked new discussion over employing the thingamajig after sharing a photo of a note he says a traveller passed to him on a flight this past month.

The confused passenger, who is referred to as Reddit usernameAs-Uswag, said: “(The) guy sitting behind me on the plane handed me this as I was finding my seat before take off (my seat was up).” Adding: “I had no idea what to say.”

The message which can be downloaded from the Gadget Duck website allows users to write alternative information like:  “my legs are so long that if you recline your seat at all it would immediately bang into my knees”. 

The form does recognize that exercising the tool “may be an inconvenience” but holds the airline responsible.

Check out the note in full:

Gadget Duck     

The gadget, which was created byIra Golman, who is from the United States and 190 centimeters tall, says the adjustable plastic clamp that snaps on to the top of the tray table’s arm, is easy to use.

“Knee Defenders are specifically designed to be used with your tray table lowered, while your tray table must be up and locked ’during taxiing, takeoffs or landings’. So, as long as Knee Defenders are being used as they are designed to be used in flight, their use does not violate any US aviation law, rule, or regulation,” according to the company’s website.

Beware, though there are no explicit aviation regulations forbidding use of the Knee Defender, airlines do have the right to prohibit such paraphernalia on their flights.

Passengers seem to be divided on the issue. What say you?

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