Not all plane seats are created equal according to EasyJet airline



There is a perfectly good reason, if given the opportunity, why passengers prefer to choose where they are seated on a flight, at least according to EasyJet based out of the U-K.

A study conducted by the airline, questioned 10,000 of its own passengers and found significant consistencies in seat favorites and seats that are, well, not so much favored.

For instance, EasyJet found seat 7F, which is a window seat positioned on the right side of the plane, to be the best seat, as voted by their passengers.

59% of passengers polled said they prefer window seats because it helps to take their mind off of cramped quarters in coach.

“Sales reveal the right-hand side of the plane is more popular than the left and rows 6-7 sell out fastest,” the airline said.

Adding to seat 7F’s popularity is the fact that the airline often offers discounts for 7th row seats on its shorter flights.



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Additionally, the most disliked seat was 19C. Why, you ask?

The airline couldn’t exactly determine why the discontentment was so high for 19C, though did recognize, the placement of the seat wasn’t necessarily ideal.

“As access to toilets and exits are clear priorities for many passengers we believe it is around the perceived distance from them in row 19 — which is roughly in the middle of the aircraft, that’s why people don’t like seat 19C,” an airline representative said.

EasyJet says that a travel partner, age and race, all affect our choice in cabin seating.

The airline discovered that curious, edgy or anxious travellers will more often than not choose a window view to monitor what’s going on while en route to their destination. Passengers who skew younger will also select a window seat so that they may take pictures and enjoy heavenly vistas.

Flyers that are older tend to select aisle seats owing to more accessibility to the lavatory and broader space.

In 2012, Skyscanner, a travel website, organized a comparable survey, in which they found seat 6A was most preferred because of its disembarking access.

None of the passengers wanted seat 31E, a middle seat positioned at the back of the plane.

Seats that are located in the middle of the cabin, over the wings of the plane were highly favored because travellers say they felt less turbulence.

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