Opod reveals some of the most outlandish requests made my travellers


A request was once received by travel agency Opod for advice on the best way to ward off vampires

Opod, a travel agency just released a list of some of the most peculiar and wacky requests from travellers.

A request was made to upgrade a cat from cargo to first class; how about counsel to rid one’s self of vampires.

This one’s a doosy, a caller presented themselves as the Queen and insisted they be given a free first-class trip to Australia and if the request wasn’t granted, staff was threatened with jail for an act of treason.

According to Opod’s survey of most bizarre requests, a traveller protested that the beach was not even or level enough, while another customer demanded he be allowed to board his flight with a plate of homemade roast as hand luggage.


Other odd occurrences included:

A female patron who had phoned to complain about her vacation overseas saying it was “too hot,” the food “too spicy” and “hardly anyone spoke English”.

A traveller bound for Brazil inquired as to whether he needed a separate passport exclusively for his pet python that he planned on reuniting with his python family in the Amazon.


A love-jaded vacationer insisted that the airline assist him in getting his girlfriend back after she dumped him when he booked, what was to be a romantic trip for two to Rome in Italy, but in its place, was a humdrum journey to the city of Rome, Georgia, USA!

A couple on their honeymoon, asked for reimbursement for their Maldives holiday as it had rained on one afternoon during their 2-week excursion and they had been told it would be “sunny day-in-day-out”.

Lastly, a theme park enthusiast, who had booked a trip to Universal Studios in Florida, asked the park for his money back because the Incredible Hulk roller-coaster had been too frightening.

Incredible Hulk


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