Air New Zealand unleashes its latest flying machine


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Air New Zealand has unveiled their latest flying machine, a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner which is said to be plush and fuel efficient.

The look of the airliner is sleek with a mostly black exterior. The flying stunner was shown to around 1,000 Boeing employees including Air New Zealand executives in Everett, Washington.

“It’s a big night for us all, seeing the plane come out of the hangar here,” says captain David Morgan of Air New Zealand. “I’m very excited to be able to get my hands on this aircraft and proudly fly it back to New Zealand.”

Modern means spacious

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Adding 20 more feet to its former forerunner, the 787-8, the 787-9 can hold up to 40 more passengers.
Also, in contrast to the 787-8’s span of 7,650-8,200 nautical miles, the Dreamliner commands an extensive range of 8,000-8,500.

“Obviously with their geography they’re the perfect airline to really exercise this aeroplane — they’ll really be able to use the amazing performance that the 787-9 has,” said Mark Jenks, Vice President of 787 Airplane Development.

The maker of the Dreamliner maintains it is set to distribute 10 of the new planes to Air New Zealand by mid-year. In addition, through today, 26 clients have already purchased 409 787-9s accounting for 40% of all 787’s sold.

Because of its sleek and light body style, the plane can function on 20% less fuel than other comparable sized planes and features bigger, tented windows and in-cabin LED lighting.

Flight paths

Business class sleepers

Business class sleepers

Air New Zealand’s 787-9 is set to taxi the runway in October 2014, flying from Auckland to Perth, Australia. By November 2014, flights will start running from Auckland to Tokyo and Shanghai.

The Dreamliner has 18 business premiere cabin lie-flat seats, a premium economy cabin with 21 seats and two economy cabins with 263 seats, which make up a total of 302 seats.

The plane also features 14 Skycouch rows; a blueprint which is exclusive to the Kiwi airline that changes a row of 3 economy seats into a 3-seater couch.

Air New Zealand Dreamliner 2

The plane will make its debut in Auckland on Friday, July 11, 2014.

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