Melbourne’s mammoth underground – a world beneath the city


tunnel 1

The city of Melbourne has taken to task the phrase ‘down under.’ Below the streets of Melbourne, is a complex maze of passageways which extend over 1500 kilometres.

One of the most sophisticated storm water drain systems on the planet, this intricate network boasts a bevy of gates, reservoirs, waterfalls and ladders.

Certainly not for the faint of heart, and if busted by law enforcement, could face pricey fines – many who trek beneath the streets of the capital and most populous city in the state of Victoria,are considered thrill seekers. In fact, such a group of people are known to have rediscovered the tunnels – they call themselves the Cave Clan. The friends, who started the group as teenagers in 1986, have expanded their party of tunnel dwellers which reach other main towns in Australia and across the globe.

tunnel 11

Beneath the city streets of Melbourne – entrance to a drain called ‘The Chamber’

Depending upon who you ask, Cave Clan is described as: carrying out strange rituals, graffiti bandits, thugs running from the law or, a gothic band – pick your poison. They simply label themselves as urban explorers, dedicated to seeking out amazing and unusual adventures.

Originally uncovered by the group in 1987, is the ANZAC drain, a local haunt for the Cave Clan which also doubles as their bureau. Access to the drain is unproblematic, though, if you wonder 10 minutes further, you’ll encounter “The Chamber,” a shadowy and soggy location for the posse, easily recognized by its funky graffiti’d walls.

Risk and peril always loom when entering the tunnels as flash flooding may occur, so say the Cave Clan, in effect leaving us with some useful guidance:  “when it rains, no drains.”

Courtesy of The Bohemian Blog and photographer Darmon Richter, lets travel below the city streets of Melbourne, into the dark and unknown.

tunnel 13

graffit’d walls sketch the tunnels beneath Melbourne

tunnel 12

A stairwell to nowhere

tunnel 14

The Cave Clan tag their presence on these graffiti’d walls

tunnel 10

Dodgy at best. Do you dare enter the tunnels beneath the city?

tunnel 5

Graffiti is seen as a form of expression

tunnel 4

Mystery, intrigue and daring are what encourage thrill seekers to attempt a trip underneath the city of Melbourne

tunnel 9 tunnel 8 tunnel 7 tunnel 6 tunnel 3 tunnel 2

The mystical tunnels of Melbourne are a sight to see for thrill seekers poised to take on the dark, dim and daunting.  Enter at your own risk – we dare you!


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