An English village is shaped like a… well… baby maker!

The map of Berkhamsted in England has been compared to a penis

The map of Berkhamsted in England has been compared to a penis

Ladies, you know what they say about a man with a large shoe size? They must have a very big MAP to go along with it?

Innuendoes are exactly what was on the minds of many who compared a new tourist map of Berkhamsted, an old village in England, to that of a, wait for it, penis.

Tourist executives became aware of the ‘love muscle’ shaped map though, it wasn’t until guests made note of it on Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, by that time, the map had gone viral as it was displayed on the Canal & River Trust visitor site.

Simon Salem, from the Trust, revealed to BBC News: “We didn’t notice it. Somebody should have seen it, I agree.” In an attempt to justify the map’s shape, Mr. Salem says: “Canals are long, straight things, and when you draw a map it tends to be that sort of shape.”

The map has yet to be removed from the site and for now, all involved including Jonathan Ludford, from the trust, have simply learned to deal with the ding-dong shaped map, if nothing more, than to get off a good giggle.

Beside the town’s dingaling (just ask Chuck Berry about that one) comparisons, Berkhamsted is quite charming and is filled with history. Lodging around 16,000 residents, many say the village served as a lavish and opulent holiday spot for royals and it could have been the capital of England, at one point.

There are a number of great activities to engage in while visiting the town shaped like a penis, including, enjoying a beer at an array of waterfront pubs, immersing one’s self in the beauty and wonder at the Art Deco movie house or take a trip back in time by touring the ruins of a battle station.

Though, there’s still plenty of debate on who has the best ‘weiners’ in town.

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