Prankster Terry Tufferson avoids deadly windstorm and it’s caught on video – or is it?

Prankster Terry Tufferson takes on an intimidating twister - or does he?

Prankster Terry Tufferson takes on an intimidating twister – or does he?

Is it real or a total hoax? That is what many who have watched this video are asking.

None the less, Terry Tufferson, who is best known for his tricks and jokes, uploaded footage which appears to have been taken in the outback with the aussie barely evading a dirt twister as he attempts to take a selfie.

“Jesus Christ, he’s huge,” Tufferson yells, prior to the twister engulfing his entire body.

“That is one of the big ones I’ve seen in a few years. That is absolute daredevil status right there. Far out. If I can run into this thing …,” you can hear him shouting.

The video, which has gone viral, is under heavy scrutiny as to the authenticity of the tornado as well as the danger because in the past, Tufferson has been known to pull the lid over the eyes of many – most recently, his great white shark stunt in Sydney Harbour. Many believed there was actually a great white shark in the harbor though; it was nothing more than an ingenious prank.

What is interesting, together with the ‘twister’ clip, Tufferson said: “Since posting the shark vid I’ve been getting heaps of videos sent my way. I couldn’t pass this one.”


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