What does the world’s most expensive penthouse look like?

Tour Odéon In Monaco is the world's most expensive penthouse

Tour Odéon In Monaco is the world’s most expensive penthouse

Many who have had the luxury of living in a penthouse describe the experience as ‘a private oasis in the sky.’ But there’s one penthouse that is by far, the king of them all.

Located in Monaco, and situated atop a 170 metre skyscraper, Tour Odéon, is a penthouse built to accommodate royalty.

This stunning multi-level mansion-in-the-sky comes equipped with an incredible infinity pool with water slide and an expansive rooftop which is exclusive to the residents of the penthouse.

What separates this penthouse from the rest is its price tag at a whooping $428 million.

Tour Odéon

Who wouldn’t want to live at the Tour Odéon? Check out more amazing pictures of this astounding penthouse!

Tour Odéon 5 Tour Odéon 4 Tour Odéon 3 Tour Odéon 2 Tour Odéon 1

Described as the “ultimate home in the ultimate setting,” Tour Odéon is opulence to the tenth degree.


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