Buckingham Palace guard caught ‘getting’ jiggy with it’


A Buckingham Palace guard caught ‘busting a move’ while on duty

A Grenadier Guard at Buckingham Palace may be defending the Queen’s honor along with her palace but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a little fun while doing it.

The video which was posted on YouTube and has since gone viral, depicts the guard who has yet to be named, spinning and high stepping.

Spectators laugh and comment as one tourist can be heard saying: “Look at him spinning. That’s really silly. Do you think he will get told off for it by the policeman?”

Unfortunately Buckingham isn’t laughing and has launched an investigation into the mysterious dancing guard.

The British Ministry of Defense says they are currently looking into the matter. In fact, The London Evening Standard is reporting that a representative for the palace said: “Anyone who is found to fall short of the Army’s high standards can expect to face appropriate action.”

The ministry believes video of the guardsman was taken while the Queen was in Scotland on holiday.

While many readers who are outside of Europe, are scratching their head wondering why a dancing guard is being taken so serious, Grenadier Guards are accountable for guarding the palace property and are considered as the senior infantry regiment in the British Army. Occasionally they are utilized abroad tending to official duty.

In addition, the protectors of the palace, also known as ‘bearskins,’ are required to stand, unmoving, for lengthy cycles of time and are not to engage onlookers and sightseers.

Andy Richards, who uploaded the 3-minute video last month, quipped: “A Buckingham Palace guardsman misbehaves on duty while the Queen is on holiday. His senior officer might be having a chat with him later…”

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