Mitsubishi Aircraft unveils first Japanese passenger jet in half a century


Japanese aircraft manufacturer, Mitsubishi Aircraft, has released the first Japanese passenger jet in almost half a century during an unveiling ceremony in mid-October.

Mitsubishi Regional Jet - MRJ

The Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) is toted to offer both top-class operational economy and outstanding cabin comfort. The MRJ will be offered in two configurations, the MRJ 90 and MRJ 70, seating 92 and 78 passengers respectively.

Mitsubishi Regional Jet - MRJ - Cabin Layout

A four abreast seating configuration combines with large overhead bins and a slim seat design to offer heightened comfort to passengers.

According to Mitsubishi Aircraft, the demand for 70 to 90 seat aircraft will be around 5,000 units over the next 20 years. These ambitious figures are backed by Mitsubishi Aircraft’s claims of lower operating costs than regional jets currently on sale in the marketplace. The use of composite materials and a newly developed next-generation engine all team to reduce fuel consumption by around 20%.

Mitsubishi Regional Jet - MRJ - Flying Range

Powering the MRJ is a PurePower PW1200G engine, produced by Pratt and Whitney. The engine boasts a low-pressure system that operates at high-speed to increase efficiency. Technically speaking, this engine technology allows the engine to enter fewer engine stages, which reduces airfoil count, engine weight and operating cost. Don’t worry, we are just as confused as you are!

Mitsubishi Regional Jet - MRJ - Specifications

In terms of flying range, the range is capable of flying up to 3,380km on a full tank of fuel in MRJ LR form.

Mitsubishi Regional Jet - MRJ

The MRJ is expected to make its first flight next year, with the first delivery scheduled for early 2017.

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