JetStar begins cracking down on cabin baggage limits


If you’re anything like me, you’ll sit there fuming with a bag crammed under your seat because there is literally no room left in overhead baggage lockers.

This happens because the airlines rarely enforce cabin baggage limits and with the new trend of charging for checked baggage, people try and smuggle as much as they can get away with on the flight.

If, like me, you like getting on the plane last, you often find a lack of room.


Well, in a trend that follows on from the likes of European budget airlines, JetStar has begun enforcing baggage limits on all flights.

JetStar has also reduced in the cabin baggage limit from 10kg to 7kg, in a move likely made to catch out those that fill their bags with heavy items.

The new limit applies for all domestic and international bookings made from October 29th, 2014.

The move follows a recent announcement by JetStar that they will install dedicated cabin baggage inspectors at Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast and Cairns airports to ensure passengers are not exceeding the allowed limits.

Excess Cabin Baggage

A spokesperson from JetStar said, “We know many customers get frustrated when there is not enough room for their bags in overhead lockers. To address this we are reducing the amount of baggage that customers can bring on board, which will align us with other carriers in Australia and across the Asia Pacific region.

“This change will help speed up the boarding process, enable more flights to depart on time and ensure all customers get their fair share of overhead locker space.”

The consequences of being caught with excess cabin baggage include a $50 surcharge and being asked to return to the check-in counter to check baggage. Passengers also run the risk of missing their flights, as most of this is discovered during boarding.

What are your thoughts on these new limits? Do you get just as frustrated as us when people bring hoards of luggage to the cabin?

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