Could this be the end of USD arrival fees for Aussies in Bali?


Tourist hot spot Bali, in Indonesia, is one of the main overseas holiday spots for Australian tourists.

The idyllic tropical island houses around 600,000 Australian tourists each year with the number increasing as local holiday prices increase.

Tropical Bali Beach

Tropical Bali Beach lures around 600,000 Australians per year. Image by
Donald Man on Flickr.

On arrival, all tourists are required to pay a $35USD (~$40AUD) arrival fee, which covers their tourist visa for a period of 30 days.

In a bid to increase tourism (especially from cruise ships) and reduce red tape on entry, the Indonesian government is considering scrapping this fee for tourists from common ports such as Australia, Japan, China, South Korea and Russia.

Jeda Villa Bali

Gorgeous places like Jeda Villa in Bali are enjoyed by thousands Australian families and couples each year. Image: Bart Speelman on Flickr

Tourism Minister, Arief Yahya told Indonesian publication that “Those countries are our main foreign tourist targets.”

Mr Yahya went on to say, “Like China, its [Australia’s] middle-class is huge and that has potential for us.”

Local Balinese People

Local Balinese people thriving from international tourism. Image: John Y. Can on Flickr

In a family context, this could mean a saving of at least $150 for each trip to Bali. If this ends up being passed through Indonesian government, we will let you know!

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