Man charged for taxiing wingless plane to the pub


Well, here’s something you don’t see every day. A 37 year old West Australian man has been charged with Endanger Life, Health or Safety of a Person and is due to appear in the Newman Magistrates Court on 18 November 2014 after being caught taxiing a Beechcraft 2 seater plane he just purchased down the main street of Newman.

It’s alleged that the man just purchased the plane from a private home and was taking it back to his home just outside of town.

Newman man charged after taxiing his plane down the main street

Newman man charged after taxiing his plane down the main street. Image: West Australian Police

Instead of using a trailer to transport the plane, the 37 year old man decided to use the plane’s engine to make the journey back home. Given that the plane had no wings, he had to use the main street through Newman to taxi his way home.

Not content with just flying/driving directly home, the man stopped at the Newman Pub on the way home for a drink.

When West Australian Police arrived at the scene, the plane reportedly had an exposed fuel line hanging from the side of the aircraft attached to an unsecured jerry can inside the cabin to enable the engine to run.

The 37 year old man doesn’t hold a pilot’s license and given the nature of the exposed propellors, the potential for catastrophe to pedestrians and motorists means this guy may be facing a lengthy stint behind bars.

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