New Cruise Fleet to Parade Through Sydney’s Harbour


P&O Cruises has announced that all five ships in its recently expanded fleet will be parading into Sydney’s harbour in what will be one of the biggest public parties of the year, and South Australians can be the first in line.

The cruise ship company is adding two new ships, Pacific Eden and Pacific Aria, to join the Pacific Jewel, Pacific Pearl and Pacific Dawn. The tour in Sydney Harbour will sail its crews and passengers past famous Harbour landmarks like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Taronga Park Zoo.

The cruise ships are expected to converge in the harbour on November 25th 2015, with thousands of passengers invited to participate in the planned festivities: arcing water sprays, escort vessels and an air crew of media helicopters to film the event.

This event will mark the first time Sydney has hosted five cruise ships from one cruise line on the same day. P&O Cruises’ parade is expected to bring more than 15,000 passengers and crew to Sydney, and attract thousands of spectators.

Geoff Spark, spokesman from King William Travel, said the addition of Pacific Eden and Pacific Aria is particularly exciting for passengers from Adelaide. With a ship in their own harbor, they will no longer have to travel to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth to join a cruise.

“The cruise ships coming into Adelaide are very important for our tourism sector and the state’s economy. Keep them coming,” he said.


P&O Cruises is not limiting this promotional opportunity to one day, of course. In addition to the November 25 event, P&O Cruises’ new Sydney program will include:

-Four ships in Sydney Harbour on Australia Day 2016, with two special holiday cruises from Sydney

-A 12-night Queensland Coast “Ultimate” Great Barrier Reef itinerary including Cooktown, Port Douglas, the Whitsundays and the new port of Gladstone

-A seven-night Southern Queensland discovery cruise (with destinations to the Sunshine Coast, Gladstone and Moreton Island)

-And a twelve night Christmas Queensland cruise (with destinations to the Sunshine Coast, Hamilton Island, Cairns, Cooktown, Willis Island and Moreton Island).

Sydney has always been the epicenter of Australian cruising, but P&O Cruises’ fleet expansion solidifies Sydney’s position as the major hub of what is now the largest sector of Australian tourism.

Ann Sherry, the CEO of P&O Cruises, stifled all doubt of the growth potential of this marketing move. “With the introduction of two new cruise ships by P&O Cruises,” she said, “we will see our sale opportunities increase by 66 per cent. Not only do we expect the two new ships will increase direct sales to P&O Cruises, we will also see greater exposure of our brand to a much bigger audience.”

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