KAYAK Reveals Top Summer Travel Destinations of 2015


KAYAK just released its annual Travel Hacker Guide, revealing the top travel destinations of summer 2015.

The highest trending locations include, in order: Kona, Hawaii; Toronto; Hyderabad, India; Milan; Vancouver; Reykjavik, Iceland and Calgary, Canada.

Vancouver, British Columbia - one of the top summer travel destinations of 2015

Many of these destinations are popular in part due to summer events, like the Pan Am Games in Toronto, the Women’s World Cup final in Vancouver, The Fringe in Edinburgh, the World Expo in Milan, and Roskilde Festival in Copenhagen.

Milan, Italy - one of the top summer travel destinations of 2015

KAYAK’s findings this year may also point to a change in the world travel landscape. The travel search engine’s data scientists analyzed searches this year and discovered that Europe is seeing greater interest than usual for the summer.

This trend is in part due to the weakened euro, which has dropped more than 14% in the last year. Kayak.com saw a seven percent increase in flight searches to Europe compared to the summer of 2014. In addition, half of the guide’s Top Trending Summer Destinations are in Europe: Edinburgh, Scotland; Milan, Italy; Copenhagen, Denmark; Reykjavik, Iceland; and Madrid, Spain.

Reykjavik, Iceland - one of the top summer travel destinations of 2015

KAYAK also compiled a list of this year’s Top Summer Road Trip Destinations. The data for this list drew from the median daily car rental price of destinations. The most sought after destinations include cities like Los Angeles, Orlando, Denver, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

The guide finally offers advice on how and when to travel certain regions of the world, insights on the best times to book your flight, a list of the top summer travel deals for 2015, as well as advice on the cheapest days to depart and return from your trip.

For more information on this comprehensive summer travel guide by KAYAK, visit www.kayak.com/summertravelhacker.

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