44 Things Australians Can’t Travel Without


TripAdvisor has just revealed a list of brands and services that Australians prefer most when they travel the globe.

Leading travel review and booking website TripAdvisor announced the winners of this year’s Traveller’s Choice Awards for Travel Favourites along with the rest of their annual Traveller’s Choice Guide. The online survey tallied almost 12,000 Australians (188,198 users worldwide) on their preferences for products and services during their travels, covering categories from rental cars to coffee (which was Lavazza, by the way).

Barbara Messing, chief marketing officer for TripAdvisor, recommends the list’s award-winning products and services as ‘must have items’ to consider bringing on your next trip.

One category particularly important to those in the Australian travel industry was that of Aussie’s preferred airline: Qantas. It is the second year in a row that Qantas has been named Australia’s favourite domestic and international airline, with travellers commending their loyalty program, in-flight service and overall customer experience.

The company’s Marketing and Corporate Affairs executive, Olivia Wirth, said, “We are thrilled that Qantas continues to be regarded as Australia’s favourite airline by the TripAdvisor community – this award is wonderful recognition of the hard work and passion of our people.”

Qantas was just one of the 44 winners in categories polled in the survey. Check out the complete list below:

Adhesive BandageBAND-AID®
Allergy MedicineClaratyne
Body LotionNivea
Bottled WaterMount Franklin
Camping GearKathmandu
Cooler (for beverages)Esky
Carry-on LuggageSamsonite
Compact Digital CameraCanon
Dental FlossColgate
Digestion AidMylanta
Domestic AirlineQantas
Energy/Snack BarCadbury
Energy DrinkGatorade
Eye DropsVisine
GPS DeviceApple iPhone
Guide BookLonely Planet
Hair DryerPhillips
Hand SanitizerDettol
Insect RepellentAeroguard
International AirlineQantas
Lip BalmLucas Papaw
Music AppiTunes
Noise-cancelling HeadphonesBose
Pain RelieverPanadol
Rental Car ServiceBudget
Ski EquipmentAtomic
Sleep AidNature?s Own
Sunburn Relief TreatmentNivea
SunscreenCancer Council
Travel MagazineLonely Planet

See the full published survey and more on TripAdvisor’s Blog.

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