4 Ways to Step Up Your Adventure Game in the Northern Territory


The vast, arrestingly beautiful Northern Territory had more local and international visitors this year than any since 2010.

According to a survey from the Northern Territory Government, the region had 1.7 million tourists just last year, a 14 per cent increase from the year prior. So what’s the big appeal?

Aside from the obvious attractions like Uluru, Kakadu and Alice Springs, here are four ideas for stepping up your adventure game in the great, wild North.

1. Skydiving and Parachuting

Skyfire 21

Everyone’s seen Uluru side-on, but real thrill-seekers can skydive over the Rock and Kata Tjuta with an even longer free fall. There is also a longer, more tranquil parachute ride available for those who prefer to savor the scenery on the way down.

3. East Arnhem Land


Arnhem Land has been occupied by indigenous people for tens of thousands of years, and is home to one of the last wilderness areas on earth. Today, East Arnhem Land is a local hotspot that drives Aussies north to visit the ancient mystique of the region in their own backyard.

2. Helicopter Pub Crawls

The locally famous Darwin Helicopter Tours is not your typical pub crawl. A helicopter takes you to five local pubs that are only accessible by boat or air, such as Goat Island, where you can try the pub’s famous ‘Buffalo Burger’.

4. Bonding with the Turtles


Considering that the Northern Territory is known for its nearly untouched wildlife, a visit to the Territory almost seems incomplete without getting up and close to its giant sea turtles. The Turtle Dreaming & Tiwi Islands Sailing Experience from Darwin includes watching newborn turtles crawling their way up the beach, and even witnessing a female turtle making her nest and laying her eggs.

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