The Newest Air Route for Aussies Traveling to Europe


Air India just made it easier for Australian travelers to fly to Europe.

The airline recently opened a new non-stop service flight between Sydney and New Delhi, which is expected to boost its capacity to fly Aussies to Europe at some of the cheapest prices in the market.

The state-owned airline carrier provides free accommodation at Delhi airport for those with long layovers, and doesn’t require visas. This is good news for Australians, because travelling to Europe via the Indian capitol will likely have a layover between 8 and 24 hours. The even better news is that Air India’s flights to Europe are consistently among the lowest in the market.


Air India also offers free onward travel at no extra cost between Delhi and eleven Indian cities, and onward travel at low cost to an additional 40 cities in India.

The new services make Air India the only airline to provide direct flights between Sydney and the Subcontinent. Sydney Airport has encouraged the new flight service to India, which flies four weekly flights between Sydney and Delhi.

“India is one of Sydney Airport’s fastest growing markets, so we’re pleased that this non-stop Sydney-India service will improve convenience for a growing number of passengers,” says Sydney Airport director and chief executive Kerrie Mather.

“This Air India service provides one-stop access to all major Indian destinations, as well as the airline’s large network in the region and across Europe.”

The new Air India Sydney-Delhi schedule is as follows:

Sunday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday: departing Sydney at 9.45am, arriving in Delhi at 5.50pm.

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday: departing Delhi at 1.25pm, arriving in Sydney the next day at 6.10am.

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