New Zealand Tourism Industry Now Targeting Brazil and Indonesia


New Zealand’s Tourism Industry Association (TIA) has released two booklets to help tourism operators accommodate visitors from Indonesia and Brazil.

The guides were released on May 19th at the region’s biggest annual tourism industry event, TRENZ 2015. Both of the booklets provide tips and information on better understanding the Brazilian and Indonesian markets, with the goal of improving their visitor experiences overall.


TIA chief executive Chris Roberts said Brazil and Indonesia are growing and valuable markets for New Zealand tourism.

“They have different needs and expectations to our traditional markets like Australian, British and American visitors,” Mr Roberts said.

“To properly realize the potential of these new tourism markets and reach the Tourism 2025 goal of almost doubling total annual tourism revenue to NZD $41 billion a year, we must understand and be confident in our ability to deliver the hospitality and experiences they are looking for.”

The guides closely resemble the successful briefs for China and India that were released by TIA in 2012. They highlight cultural differences that operators may encounter such as dietary or religious requirements for Indonesian Muslims.

Mr Roberts said New Zealand tourism must keep up with the changing visitor mix.

“We want to encourage these travelers to stay longer, spend more and tell their friends and families that New Zealand is a fantastic destination,” he said.

The booklets will be available to all TIA members in hard copy form and on the company’s website.

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