Aussie Wine Month Creates Enthusiasm Worldwide


May is Aussie Wine month, the country’s biggest celebration of Australian wine.

Between the wine tastings, festivals and dinners, the industry is doing better than ever as Australian wines rise in popularity around the world.



The annual Aussie wine celebrations highlight the diversity of the Aussie culture and encourage exploration of the country’s finest food and wine. The event, now in its 4th year, aims to generate excitement about Australian wine among Australian consumers, media, wine trade, restaurants, and bars.

Australian grounds are the oldest soils on the planet, and there are more than 100 different grape varieties planted throughout the various regions of the continent. Overall, Australia has more than 60 award winning wine regions that produce dozens of different wine varieties and styles, enjoyed in more than 30 million glasses each day around the globe.


Highlights of this incredible month long celebration include more than 150 wine-related events throughout Australia, including festivals, vineyard concerts, blend-your-own-wine classes, bicycle tours of wine regions and degustation dinners. In addition, free pop-up tastings are taking place in Sydney’s business district, and many restaurants across the country are offering Australian wine in honor of the May celebration.


Be sure to check out the Aussie Aged Wines Masterclass (Sydney, NSW) on May 26th, and Queensland Wine Week (QLD) from May 30-June 6, before the celebrations are over!

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