Study Predicts Dropping Airfare Prices for 2015


Huge savings on air travel should continue through to the end of the year, according to a new analysis by Expedia and Airlines Reporting Corporation.

The report, Travel Check-Up: Air Travel Trends 2015, considers a variety of travel data. Specifically, the report analyzes average ticket price fluctuations on key routes globally, travel demand and package growth savings opportunities globally, the impact of foreign exchange on air travel, and how long travelers are staying on vacation

The two companies dug through the data to find some of the largest expected air ticket price declines, including:

22 percent on airfare from Malaysia to Australia

22 percent on airfare from Italy to Portugal

17 percent on airfare from Brazil to the U.S.

17 percent on airfare from Spain to Thailand

16 percent on airfare from Germany to Portugal

16 percent on airfare from Japan to France

15 percent on airfare from the U.S. to Dubai

“An analysis of air industry data suggests that, with smart planning, the second half of this year will be an optimal time to explore the world,” said senior vice president of Expedia Global Tour & Transport, Greg Schulze.

“We work tirelessly to take data and put it at the fingertips of travelers in the form of actionable information that makes them confident to click, book, and go. Our ultimate goal is to help travelers feel informed and empowered to get past travel decision-making and move into travel moment-making.”

On average, prices for flights leaving from North America and Europe have fallen two percent since just last year.

“Travelers are benefiting as airlines modernize their fleets and add seats, resulting in lower average ticket prices, especially for North America and Europe,” said Chuck Thackston, managing director of enterprise information management at ARC.

“This additional capacity, plus other factors reported by Expedia such as length of stay and dynamic currency valuations, provides a great opportunity for travel deals this year.”


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