SkyMall is Back… and Better Than Ever


You can still get that outdoor dinosaur skeleton you always dreamed about.

C&A Marketing, the company that bought the bankrupt in-flight shopping magazine SkyMall, says they’re bringing the catalogs back to airlines.

The retailer’s parent company, Xhibit Corp., filed for bankruptcy in January 2015. Xhibit’s CEO Scott Wiley blamed the publication’s troubles on the rise of electronic devices on planes, resulting in fewer passengers browsing SkyMall’s catalogue. However, Wiley expressed hope that SkyMall could find a buyer to keep it operational.

Portable Infrared Sauna (via

Portable Infrared Sauna (via

C&A Marketing of New Jersey bought the magazine in April, and the magazine has had a fairly quick turnaround.

Chaim Pikarski, executive vice president of C&A Marketing, says they have plans to relaunch the catalog in a few months with a few different carriers. His hopes are high for the future of the magazine widely known for its quirky products and amusing in-flight reading material.

The magazine might resurface in airport stores, lounges, hotels, resorts and other venues. There’s even talk of a SkyMall store, he said. “We’re looking at licensing deals with retailers, a store within a store or full stand-alone stores in airports or other venues,” said Pikarski.

Knight Toilet Paper Holder (via

Knight Toilet Paper Holder (via

The company continued to sell its products online throughout the bankruptcy and afterward. Although many of the company’s offbeat products are downright silly, it’s the more functional ones that drive sales. According to Pikarski, some of the best-selling products include a foldable bed and an adjustable keyboard stand.

“We’re transforming from cutesy cool stuff that nobody buys to cool stuff that people actually buy,” he said.

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