American City Ranks Best in the World for Young People


Where do all the young people want to live? A survey has just been released, naming the world’s top 55 cities for youth, and New York City came out on top.

London and Berlin came in second and third on the list, respectively, while the only Australian city, Sydney, ranked 16th.


The Youthful Cities index rated cities across the globe in a 10,000 participant survey. The survey used 101 different indicators, including music, film, sports and night life, as well as more general factors like environment, safety, transit and affordability.

“Half of the world’s population is under 30 years old and half now live in cities,” says co-founder of Youthful Cities Sonja Miokovic.

“Youth and cities — especially the largest ones — will together shape the future of the planet.”

Toronto, which topped the 2014 list, was ranked best for diversity this time around (and 6th overall). The index found Tehran to be the most affordable of the cities it examined, San Francisco to have the best employment prospects, and Warsaw to have the best education. Moscow won on three separate counts, for public space, financial services and sports.

“This index creates a wealth of comparable knowledge based on what is important to youth. This understanding is critical for city leaders and urban designers committed to making smarter choices that attract and enable young people to fulfill their ambitions,” says Miokovic.

New Year's Eve Aftermath in Times Square, NYC

New Year’s Eve Aftermath in Times Square, NYC

The city with the highest population between the ages of 15-29 is Dar es Salaam, in Tanzania.

Tel Aviv topped the list for the Middle East in 14th place, while Mexico City in ninth place was the highest ranking of Latin America’s entries. Johannesburg in Africa joined the index at 35th.

The World’s Top 10 Cities for Youth:

1. New York

2. London

3. Berlin

4. San Francisco

5. Paris

6. Toronto

7. Chicago

8. Los Angeles

9. Mexico City

10. Amsterdam


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