Australia Way to Entice Airport Visitors


As part of the T1 improvement program, Sydney Airport has announced Australian Way Pty Ltd (AWPL) as the new Australian travel retailer in T1 Departures.

The new partnership hopes to characterize the Australian lifestyle in its retail products and provide visitors with a unique, authentic retail experience. Between the seven retail outlets AWPL plans to open at Sydney Airport, the first of which will open in November 2015, the company will offer a wider range of products across a variety of emerging retail categories.

“Our objective is to reimagine the category by delivering the next chapter in gifts and souvenirs, in line with Sydney Airport’s reputation of achieving unparalleled retail excellence,” says Sydney Airport’s general manager of retail Glyn Williams.

“AWPL has over 20 years’ experience in the travel retail business and presented a solid business strategy for transforming the traditional gift and souvenir offering at Sydney Airport. We are looking forward to a successful partnership across the seven locations in the T1 terminal.”

AWPL’s managing director Costa Kouros also commented on the brand marriage, noting that the targeted selling point for visitors is the diversity of the Aussie lifestyle.

“We have a strong focus on people and culture. We will develop a sense of place through our store designs and offer best price value in all key categories, ensuring passengers can purchase with confidence in every one of our [stores]…,” says Kouros.

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