Startups to Help You Travel the World for Cheap


Traveling can be expensive – but it doesn’t have to be! In fact, thanks to some of the newest and most innovative startups, it’s now possible to see the world for cheaper than ever before. Here are a few companies to consider if you want to see the world for cheap, for free, or while working on the road:

1. GoFundMe: If money is really the only thing holding you back from the trip of your dreams, you can always have someone else fund your travels. This startup crowd-sourcing company allows you to create a campaign or trip — anything from adventure travel to building homes for Haitian orphans — and share it with your contacts on social media, in the hope that they will help spread word about your page.

2. Remote YearEver considered making money while you travel? Remote Year brings together remote workers from around the world to travel as a group to 12 incredible locations. Instead of going on a gap year, you’ll procure your own location-independent profession and travel with other 100 workers throughout Europe, Asia and South America. The cost is $1,000 a month, plus a $3,000 deposit, and includes travel costs, accommodation, co-working space, group bonding activities, emergency insurance and even some meals.

The first group of participants set off June 1, 2015, but applications for the next round start soon!

Prague is just one of 12 stunning world destinations visited in Remote year's 12 month program.

Prague is just one of 12 stunning world destinations visited in Remote year’s 12 month program.

3. JobbaticalFor those in the market for a real career change, Jobbatical is an international job board of professional career breaks. With listings from all over the world, a comprehensive job board like this is a fantastic way to turn your career – and world – around while not completely sacrificing financial security.

4. Booking GuruBooking Guru is a brand new concierge service launched this year. It helps travelers who aren’t travel hackers to navigate the often confusing process of maximizing their points and traveling further for free on credit card points and airline miles. There’s even a bonus: If they can’t help you find an award ticket or upgrade, you don’t have to pay a cent.

5. ClashotFor the photographers looking for extra pocket cash, Clashot (iOS & Android, free) is one app you need to check out. It lets you earn cash on the road by photographing your experiences and selling the images on Depositphotos. It’s not guaranteed you’ll sell anything, but it doesn’t hurt to try, since you’re probably taking pictures anyway.

Clashot will actually pay users to upload photos from their smart phone while they travel.

Clashot will actually pay users to upload photos from their smart phone while they travel.

6. TrustedHousesittersExchange pet and house-sitting skills for free accommodation. You can browse homeowner profiles, see what’s expected of you and apply if it seems like a good fit. There is an annual membership fee, for $95.88, but it’s still less than you’d probably pay for a night in a hotel. If you’re not a fan of animals, try Love Home Swap, and trade homes with other travelers free of charge. If you travel regularly, the $20/month membership can save you in the long run.

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