Sydney: the Australian Mecca for Business Travel


Sydney beat out Melbourne in a ranking of the most frequented destinations for Australian business travelers.

The results come from travel technology company Locomote, who collected data during the 2014-15 financial year. The results revealed that organisations within the finance sector have booked the highest number of flights per company.

Locomote, which manages the corporate travel of more than 100,000 employees across the country, has revealed Sydney as the Mecca for business travel, accounting for one in five of all corporate flights booked. Melbourne came in second, with 13 per cent of bookings, followed by Singapore (6.4 per cent) and Hong Kong (2.5 per cent). Brisbane, the third most visited city in Australia, came in fifth, accounting for 2.3 per cent of business travel flights.

Philip Weinman, CEO and Executive Chairman at Locomote, said business travel in Australia is stable, and employees are travelling to both local and overseas destinations.

“As the gateway to the Asia Pacific and a centre point for Australian travellers, Sydney is the country’s Mecca for domestic company travel. The city has a high business density and airlines ensuring that market demand is met.

“Despite the number of communication tools available, face-to-face meetings remain essential to most businesses. The ability to discuss a deal in person or physically source products is still important,” said Mr Weinman.

The data from Locomote shows that one in three Australian business travelers booked tickets in business class, while 60 per cent of corporate travellers flew Economy. Only one per cent of business travellers bought First Class tickets and another one per cent Premium Economy.

“Organisations are becoming more flexible when it comes to upgrading their employees to Business; especially for long flights. Some companies have established travel policies to automatically authorise the purchase of Business tickets for international destinations,” said Mr Weinman.

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