Virgin Australia and Tourism Australia Working Toward Bettering Your Travel Adventures


Jeju Island - South Korea

In an effort to attract more Aussies to take advantage of more trips, vacations and holidays – Allowing for a more entertaining experience, a joint venture has been established between Virgin Australia and Tourism Australia.

The two businesses endorsed and signed a brand new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU.)virgin-australia-logo

As agreed upon within the MOU, Virgin Australia and Tourism Australia will maximize their budget of up to $6 million.  These funds will be set forth toward advertising many sites, attractions and destinations available to travellers while planning vacations, holidays, day trips, or business trips.

Within the next three years Virgin Australia and Tourism Australia agreed to spotlight their operations toward Japan, Korea, USA, UK, Singapore, India, Continental Europe, and Indonesian markets.

tourism-australia_logoThe deal between Virgin Australia and Tourism Australia will focus on partnered events and sponsored activities, in addition to digital and traditional media marketing.

This venture is expected to allow all travellers to know and understand exactly what vacation packages, deals, activities and destinations are out there to take advantage of.

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