More Flights Canceled Due to Volcanic Ash in Bali


Jetstar and Virgin Airlines have confirmed a continued cancellation of all flights between Australia and Bali due to a massive volcanic ash cloud over Denpasar airport.

Mount Raung, the volcano located about 150 kilometres from the airport, erupted last Thursday. The ensuing ash cloud has drifted towards Denpasar Airport and is still causing visibility issues.

The airlines announced the cancellations last Thursday morning, but left open the possibility of running later flights if conditions improved. Flights between Australia and Bali have been grounded since last Wednesday.

A Jetstar spokesman said winds have caused the ash cloud to drift within 40km of the airport, and that the airline regrets the disruption and has options for passengers who wish to amend their travel plans.

“We’ve seen unfavourable winds push the ash cloud even closer to Denpasar Airport this morning and we’re not satisfied it is safe to operate services in these conditions,” the company said in a statement.

Both airlines are offering vouchers to passengers, but not cash refunds, and have said they would continue to monitor flying conditions.

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