China Southern Airlines Increases Flight Schedules


China Southern Airlines (CZ) has announced it will soon begin increasing flight schedules in response to higher demand in four Australian cities.

“We are delighted to confirm the increase of our services, we have great confidence in the Australian market and today’s news clearly demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the Australian market,” said Mr. Louis Lu, China Southern Managing Director Australia & New Zealand.

The first services to expand are the Guangzhou and Perth/Melbourne routes. The Melbourne route will see an additional four flights per week, while Perth will be serviced by an additional flight each week. The four capital cities to see increased services overall are Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

“The increases announced today will provide even further capacity for business and leisure travelers, to fly from Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane directly to Guangzhou and connect to over 160 domestic destinations within China and beyond,“ said Mr. Lu.

“Australians love to travel and China Southern Airlines has the most developed route network anywhere in Asia. Our service is one of high quality and exceptional hospitality but also provides an affordable way to travel.”

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