New Travel App Encourages Taking the Roads Less Traveled


Holistic travel platform Crooked Compass just launched their new travel app, calling on all travelers to go beyond the tourist traps and become seasoned travellers by following a different path.

Lisa Pagotto, travel industry expert and founder of Crooked Compass, recently launched the Crooked Compass Travel App that includes information on over 1,200 unique travel experiences, interactive maps, a bucket list creator and need-to-know insider information.

“The Crooked Compass Travel App is a great tool for travellers who have ‘been there, done that’ and want something exciting and unique to add to their travels,” says Lisa. “It’s also for those who are not interested in seeing the stock-standard tourist sights and want to discover the soul of a destination or experience the culture like a local.”

Crooked Compass Travel App encourages users to explore the world as a traveller rather than a tourist and to seek out rare and unheard of experiences. It provides travellers with information across 134 countries and covering 11 categories, from adrenaline fuelled adventures, animal encounters, eating like a local, unique accommodation, festivals and many more. The app provides thorough information on a growing list of experiences, the best time of year to experience it, where it is located, how to get there, how much it costs and how to book.

“With all this information in one platform and insider tips personalising each experience, travellers can spend their time discovering these unique experiences rather than being stuck in an internet café researching what to see and do. The easy-to-use interface connects directly with Facebook and Twitter allowing recommendations to be shared or for bragging rights for those who love to flaunt their travel conquests to friends and family.”

“An ‘Experience of the Day’ is also featured each time a user opens the app, helping to inspire while the bucket list creator fuels the fire for future adventures,” concluded Lisa.

Destinations soon to be added to App include Mudgee, Vanuatu, Azores, Lisbon, Madrid, Dubai and Oman.

Download the Crooked Compass Travel App from the App store or from Google Play and enhance the way you experience the world.

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