Tokyo Airport to Introduce Luggage-Toting Robots


Japan Airport Terminal, which manages operations across all of the country’s airports, announced last week that it will introduce 11 robots programmed to clean and transport luggage at Tokyo Haneda Airport this September.

Human airport employees will work alongside robots from Japan-based robot developer Cyberdyne, who will carry out various menial tasks in the airport. The human employees will also be equipped with Hybrid Assistive Limb machines, high powered suits developed by Cyberdene that will allow staff to assist passengers struggling with heavy or bulky luggage.

Cyberdyne has agreed to supply the Japanese airport with five cleaning robots, three luggage carrying robots and three Hybrid Assistive Limb machines on a trial basis. Depending on the results of the trial, the reliance on these robots within the airport may increase.

Japan Airport Terminal says these new technologies were developed to meet the demographic challenges that face modern Japan, such as the plummeting birthrate, an aging population and a decrease in the working population.

Cyberdyne and the airport are also working together to develop robots that can be used for security and help tourists navigate the airport.

Airport President Isao Takashiro, in a joint statement with Cyberdyne, said he not only wants to expand this technology across Japan, but also hopes that it may one day become commonplace in airports around the globe.

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