Disney Cruise Line Reveals New Alcohol Policy


Disney Cruise Line has announced changes to its alcohol policy, restricting the type and amount of alcohol that passengers are permitted to board with.

The new policy, which will go into effect fleet-wide at the end of September, strictly prohibits any amount of liquor. It does, however, permit passengers to bring a maximum of two unopened bottles — no larger than 750 milliliters — of wine or champagne. Guests boarding with beer will be able to bring a maximum of six 12-ounce bottles.

The volume limitations apply to boarding at the start of the voyage as well as boarding at each port-of-call.

Passengers will have to consume any alcohol brought on board in the privacy of their cabin, or else pay a fee to drink in the ship’s dining room.

“We regularly evaluate our policies and made the change,” the cruise line stated, adding that the new policy “is not unusual in the cruise industry.”

“It’s not a question of Disney trying to increase liquor sales,” said CruiseGuy.com president Stewart Chiron. Rather, he added, it is likely the new policy was made in an effort to make the boarding process smoother.

Previously, Disney Cruise Line passengers were allowed to board with beer and liquor as long as it was carried onto the ship. Under the new policy, any beverages brought onto the ship must be stored in a carry-on bag or luggage. Alcohol packed in checked-in luggage will be prohibited.

Disney said it will seize and store any alcohol that violates the new policy onboard until the end of the cruise.

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