Exploring the Arctic with Silversea Expeditions


Silversea Expeditions has announced the release of its 2016 ‘Explore the Polar Realms’ brochure, showcasing luxury expedition voyages to the breathtaking regions of the Arctic, Antarctic and New Zealand Sub-Antarctic.

With 12 departures scheduled for next year, guests can explore these remarkable natural territories on a voyage of 7 to 18 days aboard the Silver Explorer or Silver Discoverer.


“Silversea Expeditions offer world explorers an incredible way to witness the untouched natural wonders of the remote Arctic, Antarctic and NZ Sub Antarctic regions,” says Karen Christensen, Silversea General Manager & Director Sales/Marketing Australasia.

“Our expedition voyages are meticulously designed to offer discerning guests access to the raw beauty and endemic wildlife of these remote wildernesses, while maintaining the truly superior quality, all-inclusive lifestyle that can be expected from any Silversea cruise.”


With Silversea’s expert teams of naturalists, historians and geologists to guide each expedition, guests can delve even deeper into some of the most remote and wild regions of the arctic. The Silver Discoverer and Silver Explorer, which are designed to navigate the icy waters of the arctic, allow guests to explore some of the wildest territories on earth with the comforting knowledge that they can retire to their warm, luxurious ocean-view suites at the end of the day.


Highlights of Silversea Expeditions Polar expedition voyages include: navigating the icy and rugged landscapes of Svalbard; spotting Southern elephant seals and King Penguins on the stunning shores of South Georgia; embarking on Zodiac excursions around magnificent glaciers; experiencing the enormity of Prince Christian Sound, strolling through the lush rata trees and giant ferns of Campbell Island; and encountering the mighty polar bear in its natural habitat.

Silversea also offers photography excursions and professional lectures on a range of topics, including diving, bird watching and wildlife spotting.

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