Australia Attracting Tourists With Oversized Selfie Sticks


Tourism Australia recently launched an oversized selfie service, as part of a campaign to promote Australia as a destination for Japanese tourists. The new technology allows users to set off a distant camera from a designated point, capturing high resolution photographs of themselves with the entire landscape in view.

A corresponding video explains the tantalizing technology:


Tourism Australia explains a bit further on the GIGA Selfie event.

The press release states: “The ‘GIGA Selfie’ events — announced in Japan on with a video starring Japanese model and TV personality Ren Ishikawa — will be held around the country starting with the Gold Coast from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 September 2015.”

The reason for this new technology was explained in a statement by Tourism Australia’s Managing Director John O’Sullivan.

“Japan has long been an important tourism market for Australia, with more than 320,000 Japanese visitors traveling here in the past year alone and contributing more than $1.4 billion in visitor (spending),” O’Sullivan said. “With new air services coming online this year there is a real opportunity to further grow travel from Japan and capture the renewed interest in Australia as a travel destination.”

The release explains those interested parties will have to download the app, which will help not only take the picture but also procure the subsequent video of the selfie.

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