South Korea to Open a Hallyu-Inspired Theme Park


Relying on the increasing global interest in South Korean music, television and culture—known as hallyu— Korean broadcasting company MBC will open a new hallyu-inspired theme park on 5 September. The new park, called MBC World, will be located at MBC headquarters in Sangam-dong, South Korea.

In a press release, MBC said many tourists come to the country pursuing their love for hallyu content, but find that few hallyu-related activities are available, and simply end up shopping instead. Now, MBC World will offer guests a fully immersive hallyu experience, offering everything from hologram K-pop concerts to virtual reality drama sets and photo booths.

Now, an estimated 130,000 visitors a year can enjoy the culture of the country and dozens of Hallyu-related activities at MBC World.

Some of the main attractions at the new amusement park include the K-pop hologram theatre (featuring stars like G-Dragon and Psy) that allows patrons to step on stage and learn to perform with their favorite artists. It will help transport fans of Hallyu into the variety of shows, concerts and other experiences that helped the interest in South Korean culture gain popularity in the first place.

In addition to the attractions and rides at MBC World, a virtual tour of the MBC broadcasting studio will soon be available.

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