Tourism Australia and Visa Now in Global Partnership


Tourism Australia and Visa have entered into a three year partnership with the goal of increasing the number of international visitors in Australia – and the amount of money they spend while there. The partnership will utilize Visa’s social media based Cross Border (#notatourist) campaign to help show the international travel community why ‘There’s Nothing Like Australia’.

Both parties will commence work in the Asia Pacific region – namely China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Japan and South Korea – aiming to highlight Australia’s gastronomic specialties as well as its natural and cultural wonders to convert interest into increased tourism expenditure in Australia.

“Our partnership will commence with a campaign in China, our highest value inbound market, targeting ‘free and independent’ millennial travellers,” said John O’Sullivan, Tourism Australia’s Managing Director.

“The Visa #notatourist message speaks strongly to this audience, encouraging young Chinese travellers to get off the beaten path and experience Australia as locals, not just as tourists.”

China is currently Australia’s largest inbound market in terms of visitor spend with Chinese visitor expenditure reaching $7 billion (12 months ending June 2015), up 32 per cent from the previous year.

“Across all of our target markets, Australia is a ‘must-see’ destination, and high yielding international travellers have been responding very well to our global consumer marketing campaign, ‘There’s Nothing Like Australia’,” said O’Sullivan.

“We are now increasingly working with partners to better target international travellers and make sure we turn the interest our campaigns create into tourism’s contribution to the Australian economy.”

Visa’s Cross Border campaign, #notatourist, complements Tourism Australia’s strength in social media marketing and the agency’s goal to encourage visitors to disperse throughout the country.

“Visa’s Not a Tourist campaign is designed to engage those that are looking for authentic local experiences. We will be providing local knowledge to travellers to help them explore destinations beyond the regular tourist sites, with our platform enabling them to be ambassadors or tour guides for their favourite travel spots,” said Chris Clark, Group Executive for Asia Pacific at Visa Inc.

“Visa’s breadth of acceptance, security and other convenient benefits ensures travellers can make the most of opportunities and unique experiences they seek during their travel,” Mr. Clark added. “We are thrilled to be working in partnership with Tourism Australia to extend the #notatourist campaign to feature Australian locations and tell the world why ‘There’s Nothing Like Australia’.”


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