Hugh Jackman as the New Face of Qantas Airlines


Native Australian and world renowned actor Hugh Jackman is the new face of Qantas Airlines. Qantas is banking on Jackman’s international appeal to draw tourists from the US and Asian markets when he joins pilot John Travolta and Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr as ambassadors for the airline.

He is not the first celebrity to lend his stardom to an airline looking to boost their ticket sales.  Other Hollywood actors, like Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman, also do ad campaigns for airlines like Emirates and Etihad, helping increase revenue as well as promoting international destinations.

“I travel a lot and like all Aussies, I get a buzz whenever I see the familiar red tail and the kangaroo logo, no matter where I am in the world,” Jackman said. “Qantas is great airline with great people and represents the very best of our wonderful country.”

Dividing his time between the US and his homeland, he says he’s sick of hearing from his American mates that Australia is too far away to visit. The airline is hoping to leverage Jackman’s international appeal as both a film star and Broadway star to lure tourists from both American and Asian markets.

He tells them it’s as easy as “getting on a plane, having a few glasses of wine, a meal, watching a movie, having a nap and you are there”.

“It’s absolutely worth it when you get there. It’s Australia. Just go!”

Tourism is looming as Australia’s next boom industry, with the falling dollar among the factors drawing a record 6.6 million international visitors in the 12 months to June – a seven per cent increase from last year.

“Qantas has always had a vital role in promoting Australia as a tourism destination,” Jackman said. “I’m looking forward to playing my part as we work together to showcase our amazing cities, landscapes and experiences in the US, Asia and beyond.”


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