The Hottest New Trend in Air Travel


Travelers have many different ways of coping through lengthy economy class flights – Tylenol PM, anyone? – but Airline alliance SkyTeam is bringing another option to health-conscious fliers: practicing yoga in the air.

Carriers like Air France and Delta began offering yoga tutorials as part of their inflight entertainment packages earlier this summer. The service was launched in June as part of the International Yoga Day festivities. The 15-minute tutorials are still available on most flights, accessible through either video-on-demand service or through the SkyTeam app.

To produce these tutorials, SkyTeam worked with a Netherlands-based yoga instructor, who developed two routines based on his own experiences as a frequent flier. Phase one of the workout is meant to be completed at the airport, while the second is designed to be done in-flight.

The airborne tutorial consists of basic breathing and stretching exercises that do not require much space. Passengers don’t even have to get up out of their seat if they don’t want to.

The idea of using yoga to fight stiffness and fatigue on long flights is not a new one. SkyTeam tutorials have been previously tested at London’s Heathrow, and back in 2009, Qatar Airways published a four-page guide that featured yoga poses especially designed for long-haul passengers.

Airports are also already offering designated yoga rooms or quiet spaces for passengers seeking a little peace and solitude. American airport San Francisco International has yoga rooms that are open 24 hours per day, and Albuquerque Airport in New Mexico has opened up a meditation room.

Airports and airlines are taking larger strides to accommodate passengers needs and provide the most unique service possible. It seems very simple, but a few stretches apparently goes a long way towards alleviating the common traveler’s pains.

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