Pub-Hopping in Munich, Germany


The Germans have a reputation – a well deserved one, at that – for their beer. Beer making originated in this central European country, and they take their brews as seriously today than ever before. When it comes to finding the best spots for sipping on some of the world’s most acclaimed beers, you’d be hard-pressed to travel to a better city in Germany, let alone the world, for pub-hopping than in Munich. Anyone who is preparing for a holiday in Munich should take a look at this list of some of the finest places to spend a day in beer paradise:


To kick off a pub crawl with authentic German beer and music, take a trip out to Waldwirtschaft. This famous beer hall’s location (in the southern suburb of Pullach) is a bit out of the way, but it’s well worth the trek. The weekends are always filled with live jazz or big band ensembles, and the restaurant boasts an authentic lineup of excellent German cuisine, ranging from traditional schnitzels to sausage sampler platters. Of course, there is also an extremely eclectic list of locally crafted Bavarian beers, always served in a hearty German stein.


Augustiner Keller

One of the oldest beer gardens in all of Munich is also one of the most frequented, and for good reason. Augustiner Keller is the second largest indoor beer garden in the city, able to host more than 5,000 guests on any given night. There’s also an outdoor patio area that’s completely surrounded by tall chestnut trees, where your table will most likely be approached by the big band players who stroll around the beer hall showing off their musicianship skills. If you’re travelling during the summertime, Augustiner Keller is a must-visit beer hall that’s both popular and worthwhile.

Augustiner Bräustuben

Travellers who are looking for a less crowded beer hall closer to the city center should head to Augustiner Bräustuben. The hall has four different sections to choose from, including a parlor, beer hall, old forge and roof terrace, each able to host over 100 guests. It’s also one of the more budget-friendly pub and restaurants you’ll find throughout Munich, with different meal and beer specials for every night. You’ll also be able to choose from dozens of locally brewed German beers, from classic names to newer recipes.

Musician pausing between songs at the Hofbräuhaus, Munich

Musician pausing between songs at the Hofbräuhaus, Munich

The Hofbräuhaus

This granddaddy of all Munich beer halls is certainly the most recognized, but needs to be experienced to be believed. The origins of The Hofbräuhaus date all the way back to the late 16th century, and is a three-floor beer hall that’s always filled with vibrant energy and all the beer you could want. If you’re not up for a loud and possibly rambunctious time, don’t even think about stepping foot in The Hofbräuhaus. At any given moment, the people will burst out in song or a band will step in and play a show, with all the cheerful noise bouncing off the beautiful interior architecture and ceiling paintings. While The Hofbräuhaus is always packed and busy, it’s one of the establishments that forever changed beer culture in Germany and deserves at least one visit during your Munich holidays.

Is your favorite Munich beer hall on the list?

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