Netherlands Unveils the World’s First Sandcastle Hotels


Those looking for a hotel in the Dutch cities of Sneek and Oss now have the unique option of staying in a life-sized sandcastle.

In celebration of annual sand sculpture festivals, the beach-themed hotels are located inside eight-meter-high (26 feet) sculptures, one of which is modeled after the Flintstones’ town of Bedrock, the other featuring dragons and tributes to the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Army.

The hotels, inspired by the similarly extraordinary Scandinavian ice hotels, were constructed over the course of four weeks by festival organizers Global PowWow.

While the shower, bed, television and other key amenities are made of typical materials travelers would find inside any standard hotel room, these unique one-room suites are covered from floor to ceiling with reinforced sand, making the temporary digs a dream for avid beach goers.

The hotels also offer modern day features like windows and Wi-Fi service.

Although an overnight stay for two only costs $168 per night and includes a personal tour of the nearby festival, the pop-up hotels are fully booked for the duration of the festival and are going away soon. They’re set to close in Sneek on Sept. 28 and in Oss on Oct. 4.

Fortunately, operator Zand Hotel plans to reopen both properties ahead of next year’s sculpture festivals, and hopes to expand its sandy accommodations into other popular tourist destinations, including Germany and the U.K.

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